Saturday, September 10, 2011

SEni kAki liMA 3D yang mENakJUbkan

The Artist Faces Himself

(Image credits: RedRoseRattus)

Square Of Slabs Removed From Sidewalk

(Image credits: RedRoseRattus)
Someone has to punish him for ruining the public property!

Eiffel Tower Sand-Sculpture

(Image credits: HMHung)

Waterpool with a chick, Redondo Beach, CA

(Image credits: slimdandy)
This drawing was also created for an episode of “Concrete Canvas”.

A Coca-Cola Bottle Lying On The Sidewalk

(Image credits: RedRoseRattus)

Box Of Chalks

(Image credits: RedRoseRattus)

A Dead Fly On The Sidewalk

(Image credits: RedRoseRattus)
Julian Beever knows how to make his drawing even cooler.

Transformer at Union Square

(Image credits: hotdogger13)

Holes on San Francisco pavement

(Image credits: gorditojaramillo)

Nokia Town?

(Image credits: Roslan Tangah (aka Rasso))

Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

(Image credits: Panchóv)

Batman & Robin to the Rescue

(Image credits: RedRoseRattus)
It is still hard to believe that it is entirely flat surface.

Water Rafting

(Image credits: La Mindi)
The illusion is quite strong here, of course they are just sitting in one place and look quite stupid for the people passing by.


(Image credits: d.e.r.f.)

Arctic street conditions

(Image credits: Zahorí)


(Image credits: Jonathan Dann)

Push the bout out

(Image credits: Richard Johnson Hurtado)

Politicians Meeting Their End

(Image credits: Richard Johnson Hurtado)

Bottle of Beer

(Image credits: Pauky)

Gold digging

(Image credits: Richard Johnson Hurtado)
(Image credits: Richard Johnson Hurtado)
(Image credits: Richard Johnson Hurtado)
(Image credits: Richard Johnson Hurtado)
(Image credits: Richard Johnson Hurtado)
This guy is incredible! (and must be rich too, since he found gold beneath the pavement).The series were used by White’s Electronics of Inverness in Treasure Hunting magazine.

Taking the plunge

(Image credits: bisonbison)

Beneath every street

Thursday, September 8, 2011

JEnis TYpography Yang Menarik

A Tribute to Yulia Brodskaya

Write a Bike

Grungy Typography

Vintage typography


Yummy colors


Murderous Intent

Yellow Submarine

Happy New Year

La Dolce Vita

Inspirational Crafts

Terrestrial Locomotive


Epic Six

Highway to nowhere


A Boring Day

Shake Your Body

Hope Rising


A Typographic of ME

Two Diamond Beats


Star Typography

Can You Read Me?

Love Letters


Retro 3D

You in white

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